Terms of service

High risk stock market signals service suitable for experienced trading users. The stock market does not allow you to have a 100% exact stock market forecast. The signals are generated by experienced traders with years of experience in technical chart analysis. Users invest their capital independently and we take no responsibility in case of loss of the invested capital. The platform does not hold the client's capital.

Monthly subscription service with non-automatic renewal. There is a trial period without any purchase commitment. Payment can be made exclusively in cryptocurrency with the main stablecoins on the main blockchains. We cannot be held responsible in the event that the payment is made to an incorrect wallet address. A refund is expected within 24 hours of the communication of the payment with network fees charged to the customer.

The service offers stock exchange signals on weekdays with a minimum of 10 signals per month. The stock market signals are exclusively crypto on spot and futures markets. From time to time, new coins and meme coins may be reported in the spot market.